Positive Impact In Nelson Tasman

Supporting social enterprise to improve business and community outcomes across Te Tau Ihu

What Is Social Impact Nelson Tasman?

Social Impact Nelson Tasman (SINT) is a virtual hub designed to bring people together in a structured way to achieve social change through social enterprise.  The key commonality of all social enterprise is social impact.  Social enterprise provides a means to improve social wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and economic performance.

Face to face workshop happening 5.30pm Wednesday 14th October 2020


Social Impact ecosystem Mapping workshop 

Join us to create Nelsons first impact ecosystem map; to discover and connect with others delivering positive social outcomes.

Calling all organisations and individuals that are passionate about delivering impact through their activities – whether you are a not for profit community group, an enterprise or an individual, we want to meet you and invite you to become part of the region’s first online living directory of impact driven organisations in Te Tau Ihu. This directory/map will be available to all to help us build a stronger community network by identifying who is working in the sector and identifying what support is needed to further grow impact outcomes for our region.

Here at Social Impact Nelson Tasman we are passionate about empowering and supporting purpose driven organisations to deliver positive social impact. We do this through developing awareness of social enterprise and inspiring networks, initiatives and individuals across Te Tau Ihu to express their story of positive impact.

Join us for an evening of collaboration and connection to meet other organisations and individuals who are engaged with generating positive social impact to improve Social, Cultural and Environmental outcomes. The evening will combine networking, and a workshop to determine how the Kumu interactive map will be created to provide information, on a shared platform, of all the people doing amazing positive things in our region to benefit our community.

This free event is open to all, however numbers are limited. Please register your interest and encourage other interested organisations to attend. This will be a safe and inclusive space to find out more about social enterprise and delivering impact.

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Our Vision

That social enterprise is normal practice for positive impact across Te Tau Ihu.

Our Mission

1) Develop awareness, understanding and practice of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

2) Champion purpose driven practice as standard

3) Inspire networks, initiatives and individuals across Te Tau Ihu to express their story of positive social impact.

What We Do

SINT is part of the Social Enterprise hubs programme being coordinated and supported by Ākina Foundation along with Bay of Plenty, Northland, Whanganui, Wanaka, Taranaki, Waikato and Palmerston North.

Social enterprise is less about the “who” and more about the “what”.  Social enterprise encompasses community enterprise, Maori enterprise, commercial enterprise, and everything in between – it’s about moving all businesses towards the middle of the continuum.

Social Impact Nelson Tasman aims to be a solutions connector and collaboration coordinator.  Ultimately, our key objectives are:

  • Improved social, environmental and economic outcomes across the region.
  • Increased innovation in community and public service provision.
  • Increased impact enterprise as a feature of procurement in our region.
  • Creation of jobs and training opportunities, especially for young people.
  • Communities developing their own solutions, leading to resilient local economies.
  • Greater engagement between the business and community sectors.

We aim to:

Educate – Events, resources and mentoring

Inspire – Storytelling and guest speakers

Connect – Networking, introductions and coaching 

Facilitate – Supporting local Impact initiatives and building a local network

Contact Us

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